Quant Engineering

3106 Berkshire Rd.

Suite 2B

Doylestown, PA 18902





Quant Engineering provides Science, Engineering and Business Development consulting services to Corporations and to Federal Government Agencies. Many of the products and services we provide have critical safety and dependability aspects, where people’s safety depends on our product.


We supply Business Consulting services targeted at strategic development of technology and at bringing technology out of R&D. We also provide Applied Research in several disciplines including Optics, Instrumentation, Computational Physics, Process Modeling, Process Analysis and Statistical Analysis of Data.


Quant Engineering designs and assists in the design of Engineering Prototypes and Proof-of-Principle for systems, components and measurement devices.


·        Prototyping for Proof-of-Concept and Proof-of-Principle

o   Custom Design of Instruments and Measurement Operations

o   Automation of Processes

·        Imaging, Optical Design and Optics Systems Development

o   Image Acquisition and Image Analysis

o   Camera Control, Lighting Design

o   Optical Measurement Techniques

·        Continuous Processing in Pharmacy

o   Analytical Modeling of Systems and Processes

o   Real-Time Measurement of Processing

o   Analysis and Control of Processing Parameters

·        Process Modeling and Analysis

o   Analytical Modeling of Physical and Mechanical Systems

o   Analysis and Optimization of Control Systems

·        Instrumentation Design, Fabrication and Application

o   Fluorescence-based optical instrumentation including:

§ Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement

§ Fluorescence Imaging

o   FTIR Measurement and Spectral Analysis

§ Modern Spectral Mathematical techniques

§ Spectral Un-mixing

o   Raman Measurement and Spectral Analysis

§ Library Search and Spectral Analysis

·        Mathematical Analysis

o   Statistical Analysis of Data

o   Optimization of Non-Linear Systems

o   Solutions of Systems of Non-Linear, Coupled, Partial Differential Equations

·        Software for Engineering and Science

o   Hardware/Software Architecture Design

o   Custom C++ Software for all of the above Applications

o   Graphical User Interface Design and Implementation

o   Image Processing and Information Extraction


Recent Publications:

RemoteSensing in Severe Radiation Environments

Spectral Methods to Extract Useful Information at Very Low Signal-to-Noise


Apparatus and method for phase fluorometry

Keyboard overlay for optimal touch typing on a proximity-based touch screen (iPad)

Keyboard Overlay that Improves Touch Typing on Small Touch Screen Devices (iPad Mini)



Ralph Levy

Chief Technology Officer